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BEST of 2014 from CREATIVE LOAFING, ATLANTA: Doug DeLoach’s Favorite Releases 2014 ~ “If there was a god and justice prevailed in the universe, Jon Byrd would be a country/roots superstar.”

BEST of 2014 from CREATIVE LOAFING, ATLANTA: James Kelly’s Top 10 Country Albums

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TOP 10 for 2014 from Michael Young and WFPK LOUISVILLE, KY

Barry Mazor at on ROUTE 41! There are some arenas where the pleasure of hearing a singer gifted with a nice, elegant set of pipes to go with singing smarts comes almost as a surprise  bonus—indie and stand-taking protest singing being two of those. I’m already on the record as being taken with the versatile, graceful honky tonk singing of East Nashville singer-songwriter Jon Byrd; now he brings that to smart interpretation of songs written by his close associates here and back in Atlanta, his musical home back over a decade ago‑-Adam and Shannon Wright, Greta Lee, Peter Cooper, James “Slim Chance” Kelly, Mando Saenz and Will Kimbrough among them—on his new, engagingly understated album, Route 41.

High Praise from Across the Pond! Maurice Hope at Flying Shoes Review!  Traditional country performer, singer-songwriter Jon Byrd is one of the finest exponents of spit and sawdust country coming out of the East Nashville’s scene and beyond. … Hard core (and Americana) country fans need to check this guy out and also watch for dates of a top-class act.”

 Great Review from Jerome Clark at RAMBLES.NET!  The album’s 10 cuts are marvels of the craft of composition. It’s one record that all singer-songwriters, many of whom need the lessons conveyed, would do well to hear. … And — finally and importantly — let us not fail to praise Byrd’s smartly delivered conversational vocals and the small country band that backs him and the songs with wonderful attention to the stories and the emotions.”

Tasty Talk About RT 41 from Lady Smokey at!  “Jon is a wonderful songwriter, storyteller and all around great human being. His songJack Knife is seriously one of my all time favorites. With this album, his 3rd, he decided to sing the songs of some of his favorite songwriters. It’s titled, Route 41″

From Our Pal Stacie Huckeba Writing at Huffington Post  Jon Byrd is a kick ass human and also a nice guy, so nice that although he himself is an amazing songwriter (One of my favorites) he made a whole record of nothing but his friends songs. And it is brilliant! It is called Route 41! Go get it.”

ALT ROOT TOP TEN SONGS OF THE WEEK! 01 — “Would You Like to Dance” – Jon Byrd  (from the album Route 41) — Jon Byrd put his pen down for a new release, Route 41. The songs gathered are ones Jon has met across his road and performing years. Jon Byrd sings a smooth country gentleman whose charm might get him a partner on Adam Wright’s “Would You Like to Dance.”


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AMERICANA THE WAY IT WAS AND THE WAY IT SHOULD BE — His vocal sound– a touch of Haggard here and a smear of Willie there– is wonderfully dated, old Opry and much the better for it. His original songs, such as Jackknife and Reputation, sound like old friends.” ~ MOJO MAGAZINE

“… a mixture of Americana and country and is spellbinding showcasing a true genius at work.” ~ MAVERICK MAGAZINE

Smooth, affecting, classy country…mature experience to match the vocal finesse.” ~ ENGINE145.COM

JB ~ A Cover 2.7MB

[Down at the Well of Wishes is] a Classy record by anyone’s standards… steeped in hard won wisdom it gains extra emotional resonance courtesy of Nashville guitar legend Jon Byrd’s semi spoken vocal style” ~ R2 MAGAZINE UK

His dazzling sophomore album is a strikingly rich collection of nine Americana originals. The thing about Byrd is that he has a well-worn and rough voice that could draw a comparison to a more countrified Leonard Cohen…” ~ POPMATTERS

Full of lovely guitar touches and brimming with clever, mordant songs” ~ THE LONDON TELEGRAPH

The vocals on Byrd’s new R.S. Field-produced album have the graciousness of Don Williams along with traces of Willie Nelson’s free-as-the-breeze delivery. To put it another way, Byrd’s an understatedly great singer. And the songwriting… applies a fresh, sharp, Southern vocabulary. He’s understatedly great at the writing part, too.” ~ NASHVILLE SCENE

Clearly maintaining his standard, mature songwriting is married to some classy playing, whilst Jon’s warm, slightly gruff but very relaxed singing holds the centre. … Though he sings of heartbreak and regret, there’s something enormously reassuring about Jon Byrd’s music, a refuge in troubled times.” ~ NO DEPRESSION

Down at the Well of Wishes is 100% gin-yoo-wine, brothers and sisters, with allusions to Gram Parsons not at all out of place. There’s that much honesty and candor present, not to mention a full-blooded jes’ foks ambiance. … The guy seems to understand everything about folk, country, roots, Nashville, and kindred aesthetics almost as though he’d helped write the rules.” ~ ACOUSTICMUSIC.COM

Though much of the content draws (I presume) on personal experience, it also feels universal. Down’s sorrows and struggles are all of ours, which is to say they’re everyone’s blues, except that few of us can evoke them with the kind of eloquence, passion and mature intelligence Byrd brings to his art.” ~ RAMBLES.NET

At the intersection of Solitude and the Bleeding Truth lives Jon Byrd. Not only does he write with honesty and heart, he embodies those elements. His is a voice that holds history within straight-up, neo-classic country.” ~ THE LONESOME ROAD REVIEW

A superbly talented songwriter… on a par with other Americana stars like Prine, Snider, Crowell… a fine representation of one of the best songwriters and stylists today.” ~ AMERICANA GAZETTE

Byrd’s mature, understated baritone, often compared to Merle Haggard’s, though I’d say more like Don Williams, is a class act in itself, team it with nine remarkable songs and I’d say we have a winner.” ~ Not SXSW

Byrd’s an understatedly great singer. And the songwriting… applies a fresh, sharp Southern vocabulary. He’s understatedly great at the writing part, too.” ~ NASHVILLE SCENE

BAP Cover

“Even in the rootsy arena of country musicians full of reverence for the genre’s past, crafting new music doesn’t have to be a regurgitation of worn clichés… Jon Byrd proves it. …as traditional and timeless as they come.” ~ GEORGIA MUSIC MAGAZINE

“When you open the mail and find a record like Jon Byrd’s Byrd’s Auto Parts, for a moment things seem right with the music world.” ~ HOUSTON PRESS

“It wouldn’t take the ‘Perfect World’ Jon Byrd sings about with such wistful, regretful finesse on this disc for more people to know him as the terrifically accomplished, versatile country singer he is.” ~ NO DEPRESSION

“BEST LOCAL COUNTRY, OFF THE ROW — The string-bending excellence is expected; what surprises is the penetrating power of his pen and entertaining quality of his voice.”~ NASHVILLE SCENE

“The surprise of the listening session was JON BYRD. His CD shows it’s time for him to step out of the shadows and as a sideman. A well-deserved DISCovery Award.” ~ MUSIC ROW MAGAZINE

A perfect mix of hardcore honky-tonk and impossibly beautiful slow songs.” ~ BLACK DOG HOUSE CONCERTS, Chicago


“Top East Nashville Artists Right Now” – May 2013, The Alternate “The 50 Top Songs on the American Condtition” – Byrd’s “Alabama Asphalt” – April 2013, The Alternate