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The Country Music Hall of Fame: Celebrating Bob McDill HoFbyBarryMazor

HoFbyChrisRichardsPREMIERE of DIRTY OL’ RIVER on The Legend 650AM WSM’s “Country, Coffee, & Cody”!Coffee, Country, Cody, jb, & Charlie Mattos


STATION INN Record Release Show for DIRTY OL’ RIVER!19875172_10155279835110726_6729666563969036273_n

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The Alternate Root

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Any musician, songwriter, artist must have a team. It’s essential. It’s the only way things get done: Producer Thomm Jutz and TJ Tunes Studio, Duane Blevins on bass, Justin Amaral on drums, Eddie Lange on the pedal steel, Milan Miller on electric guitars and… songs. In fact, I’ve never worked so easily, or so quickly, to complete a record. Original songs, songs written with friends, friends’ songs, and a couple of good ol’ country covers… we were even able to reclaim Milan’s original recording and production of Silent Night with Justin, Eddie, and Thomm all laying in beautiful parts to bring it back to life. We should have CDs FRIDAY JUNE 16, 2017 to coincide with an appearance on The Legend 650 WSM’s “Coffee, Country, and Cody” that very morning! And lots more coming! BAP&MayorMeganBarry@SI3:21:17byPeterCooper

Go to the “Upcoming Shows” tab/link and check out where I’ll be solo and with the fabulous Auto Parts. Oh, and apparently I now have T-Shirts… yep.

Currently booking dates! Email me at jbyrd [at] tds.netIf you want on my slow moving Email-train, send in a simple request to be added via jbyrd(at)
WMOT’s Craig Havighurst tells the Charlie Bob’s StoryScreen Shot 2017-05-03 at 10.22.47 PM

Johnny’s Cash and Charley’s Pride: Interview with Author Peter Cooper

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 11.48.35 PMMy debut for UNDER THE APPLE TREE SESSIONS with BOB HARRIS from last Fall’s England Tour. A little froggy, but proud to sing a song I wrote with Mr. Butch Primm. Jon Byrd – ‘Well Of Wishes’ | UNDER THE APPLE TREEUnder the Apple Tree Sessions
AND.. my interview on author and journalist Barry Mazor’s “Roots Now” Radio Show on ACME RADIO can be heard HERE Radio
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 I had the great good fortune to be a part of a film class at Watkins College of Art, Design & Film​ here in Nashville that took one of the songs from ROUTE 41 —Adam Wright’s “Would You Like to Dance” — and produced a music video for it. I can’t say enough about the commitment, focus, and talent of all the students involved, especially Director Roxanne Nawrot. Thank you Prof. Ron Coons​ for making this happen.
Byrd’s Auto Parts: We don’t rock.  Ever.jonbyrdJB ~ A Cover 2.7MBBAP CoverLongleaf Pine