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NEWS…  My debut for UNDER THE APPLE TREE SESSIONS with BOB HARRIS from last Fall’s England Tour. A little froggy, but proud to sing a song I wrote with Mr. Butch Primm. Jon Byrd – ‘Well Of Wishes’ | UNDER THE APPLE TREE

Under the Apple Tree Sessions

NEXT SHOW: Thur FEB 18 @ The BLUEBIRD CAFE w/David Newbould
Fri FEB 19 @ THE FAMILY WASH — “The Rhinestone Review w/Stephen Simmons & Friends
Sat FEB 27 @ AVONDALE TOWN CINEMA, Atlanta, GA w/Slim Chance & the Convicts
Tues MAR 1 @AMERICAN LEGION POST 82 — “Honky Tonk Tuesday Nights” w/Brendan Malone
Wed MAR 9 @ The Country — Songwriter Round w/Andrew Adkins, Tim Carroll, Joe Nolan, and Tommy Womack
Sat MAR 19 @ G&S Lounge, Austin TX for NOT-SXSW
A new video for ROUTE 41’s “Just Another Gun” (Al Shelton)
from the fab East Nashville Underground Festival and @Makeitpopnash DIG!

Byrd's Auto Parts@E.NashUnderground

Simply could not have gone any better thanks to so, so many friends!
NORWAY started with Egil and Hallgeir in FERKINGSTAD: a wonderful village of amazing music lovers, then three days of shows at the Kulturnatt Festival in HAUGESUND and a fine few days with Camilla and the Sorhus family. Then on to Buckleys in OSLO and Moskus in TRONDHEIM with Tor and Chris taking care of my and my scratchy voice. What a grand week— all thanks to Camilla Sorhus and C-U Publicity!
Then on to ENGLAND—  and the Under the Apple Tree Sessions in OXFORD with Bob Harris and his son Miles Myerscough-Harris at the helm. From there to David Pyatt and The Garage in LONDON, then Paul Collins and The Working Men’s Club in PANGBOURNE, and back to LONDON for  Simon Beards’ House Concert. The next day off to HORBURY and WAKEFIELD for two shows in one day: the Cricketers Arms and the Bull and Fairhouse Pub with our musical cohort Steve Chapman Smith. The next morning was LIVERPOOL and that means  BBC Merseyside with our buddy Billy Butler, and so many dear L’pool friends— Grateful Fred’s Cafe D’Art in FORMBY and a couple of relaxing days with our pals The Good Intentions in the hometown of John, Paul, George, and Ringo. More great pals in TANSLEY: Alan and Marilyn Clark’s Stoneridge House Concert. Before the last show, Halloween was celebrated with Miss Edwina Hayes in lovely Driffield. Then to YORK and the Edinburg Arms with the great songwriters and performers of Yorkshire, all thanks to Dave and Lorraine Clark’s hospitality!

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Whew! More details and photos to come. I was home in Nashville 24hrs when me and the Auto Parts pulled off one of the best shows of the year at the Family Wash Nov 6—  a kind of “So good to be home” show. And the next night Nov 7 I did some Gram tunes at the Douglas Corner for the Gram Parsons In’tl annual event and this year, a celebration of the Road Mangler! Finally, last night at the legendary Brown’s Diner, a musical birthday celebration for my ol’ pard Davis Raines… THE best songwriter in Music City. A great night. Great weekend. What a way to finish up the tour.


Wed Nov 18 — The 5 SPOT, East Nashville where I play with David Newbould & the Fab Stowaways

Sat Nov 21 — The Basement East, East Nashville, East Nashville Underground Magical Reunion: SATURDAY DAY SHOW  3PM doors & late-lunch with Actual Food Nashville
Jon Byrd & Byrd’s Auto Parts, Allen Thompson Band, Waterfall Washk.s. Rhoads []

Sat Nov 28 — The Winery, Nashville w/Amelia White! $8 if you’re smart enough to pre-order. []

All right… more shows to come. Stay in touch and I’ll try to do better at the same.

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 I had the great good fortune to be a part of a film class at Watkins College of Art, Design & Film​ here in Nashville that took one of the songs from ROUTE 41 —Adam Wright’s “Would You Like to Dance” — and produced a music video for it. I can’t say enough about the commitment, focus, and talent of all the students involved, especially Director Roxanne Nawrot. Thank you Prof. Ron Coons​ for making this happen.


Currently booking dates! Email me at jbyrd [at]

Back into TJ Tunes Studio with Thomm Jutz to work on a pal’s songs after the tour…

Press-love for Route 41 

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